“Resistance Of The Heart”: Holocaust Memorial Lecture Recalls Rosenstrasse Protest. Speech given by Dr. Nathan Stoltzfus at Stetson University on April 7, 2021.

On February 14th, 2021, Dr. Nathan Stoltzfus, Dr. Mordecai Paldiel, and Ruth Wiseman spoke at a special event, “Resistance of the Heart,” a special program on the Rosenstrasse Protest, hosted by the Sousa Mendes Foundation. Check out the recorded event here!

Dr. Mordecai Paldiel gives a lecture on German individuals who risked their lives for their Jewish friends and neighbors. The individuals Dr. Paldiel discusses have been honored by Yad Vashem as “righteous among the nations.” Some individuals included in the lecture are Dorothea Neff, Elizabeth Abegg, Lilli Wolf, and more. This lecture is part of a series from Rintels Professorship Speakers.

Dr. Mordecai Paldiel gives a lecture that explains and explores Yad Vaashem’s “Righteous Among the Nations” research that finds Gentile individuals who, during the Third Reich, saved Jewish members of the community. This lecture is part of a series hosted by The Kuperferburg Holocaust Resource Center and Archives and supported by the National Endowment for Humanities Challenge Grant.

From the Holocaust Education Resource Council, a series of interviews were conducted on Holocaust survivors. The following link shows Rita Hofrichter, a survivor who lived through the Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto. She went on to join the Polish resistance.

In an interview conducted by Klaus Mueller of the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Frieda Belinfante tells her story. Frieda was born in Amsterdam to an intermarried couple in 1904 and ended up joining the Dutch resistance group during Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

This video is an interview of Fritz Gluckstein, son of an intermarried couple in Nazi ruled Berlin, Germany. Gluckenstein was held with his father at the Rosenstrasse prison in 1943.

An interview with Anne Nelson, a contributor to Women Defying Hitler: Rescue and Resistance under the Nazis. PBS interviews Ms. Nelson about a resistance group in Berlin, Germany that defied Hitler.

Dr. Judy Blaumel-Schwartz is an editor and contributor to Women Defying Hitler: Rescue and Resistance under the Nazis. Most of Dr. Blaumel-Schwartz’s work surrounds women in the Auschwitz concentration camp. The following link is a lecture from Dr. Blaumel-Schwartz, “Our Story, Their Story”: Recalling Women in Auschwitz and During the Holocaust.

This is alecture from Dr. Blaumel-Schwartz, discusses the modes and examples of spiritual resistance in the Holocaust. Dr. Blaumel-Schwartz also discusses a religious artifact that “survived the horrors of Auschwitz and a Nazi death march.” This lecture is hosted by the Museum of Jewish Heritage, A Living Memorial to the Holocaust.

Dr. Gene Sharp was a founder, president, and Senior Scholar at the Albert Einstein Institution and continues to be a leading authority on non-violent struggle. In this Keynote address, Dr. Sharp discusses the relevance of civil resistance in the ongoing and global struggle for human rights. Dr. Sharpe assisted Dr. Stoltzfus in honing his research for Resistance of the Heart: Intermarriage and the Rosenstrasse Protest in Nazi Germany.