Heidi Rosenau

More information on Heidi Rosenau’s family and their experiences will be available shortly!

Frieda Thimm Rosenau with Heidi’s father, Werner, born June 28, 1929


Herbert Rosenau with Werner, age 3.


Heidi’s uncle (Werner)? Testifying at the postwar Nuremberg Trials


The radio Heidi’s father used to listen to BBC during the war years of Nazi Germany (listening to foreign radio was strictly forbidden)


Heidi’s father at his confirmation on March 6, 1943, the day most Jews were released from the Rosenstrasse collection center, following her grandfather’s release after he was arrested.


Herbert Rosenau and Frieda Thimm’s (inter)marriage certificate. Married March 28, 1926


Frieda Timm Rosenau’s identification Berlin, August 5, 1940


Police Registration of Herbert Rosenau’s business, October 1, 1934, as a Jewish owned business