Julius and Charlotte Israel: he was imprisoned, she protested.

Frieda Thimm Rosenau with Heidi’s father, Werner, born June 28, 1929


The Rosenstrasse Foundation was established in 2018 to achieve three goals. These include educating the public about the Rosenstrasse Protest, as well as its impact and significance, honoring the memory of the protesters involved, and creating a platform for the descendants of those involved in the protest to  reunite.

Professors Volker Berghahn of Columbia University, Mordecai Paldiel of Yeshiva University, and Nathan Stoltzfus of Florida State University convened a conference, Confronting the Nazis: Reflections on the Forms and Dilemmas of Resistance, examining resistance and rescue under the Nazi dictatorship’s “Final Solution” policy. It’s October date fell on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Rosenstrasse protest. This conference kicked off the Rosenstrasse Foundation and cemented its establishment.